Fine art college accepts senior Abbigail Nelson


Audri Chenoweth

Senior Abbigail Nelson rehearses lines from the play “Antigone”.

Nicole Pier, Journalist

Senior Abbigail Nelson has been accepted into the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

She plans to go to the school for three years and re-audition her third year.

“The first two years are film acting, and the third year, you re-audition and continue to do more musical stuff,” said Nelson.

Annie was Nelson’s first theatrical production was at just five years old. During this show, she discovered her passion of wanting to be an actress and perform more.

Nelson occasionally practices up to four hours a day; three with a cast, and one on her own time.

“My acting inspiration would have to be Audrey Hepburn,” said Nelson. Audrey Hepburn has starred in movies such as award-winning movies Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Roman Holiday.

Nelson has worked with students from Spring Arbor University to further her drive to become better at what she loves to do.

Timm Richardson, Nelson’s late acting coach, was also helpful throughout her entire journey.

“I think the arts can teach [students] to be more comfortable in front of others and still do what they love,” said Theater teacher Mr. Carey Collins.

Collins and Choir Director Mr. Matthew Snell are two people who have helped Nelson.

“I love working making music, and working with [students],” said Snell. “They are very thoughtful, organized, and caring.”

Snell and Collins both agree that being able to get told no is an important part of the acting world.

“Be prepared to know that you’ll be rejected,” said Collins.

Despite odds such as doubtfulness, Nelson has continued to pursue it by even writing her own play. She is currently in need of people who want to take part in it.

“You have to be committed and work so hard,” said Snell.

According to, researchers find that sustained learning in music and theater correlates strongly with higher achievement in both math and reading.

Nelson plans to live in New York after college and also plans to go as big as Broadway.