Students should use caution when driving in winter


Griffin Foster

Students driving must remember to pay attention to the road. Winter weather can be dangerous and unpredictable.

Sydney Shafer, Journalist

Winter weather is coming soon to Michigan and students should be ready for anything coming their way. Here are some safe driving tips for snow or icy weather.

Tip One: Never run a vehicle in an enclosed area like a garage. Many students will try to warm up their car before they leave, but many may not know that it is highly dangerous from the concentration of carbon monoxide that is produced. Even if it is in an enclosed area for just a few minutes it is very poisonous.

Tip Two: Do not use cruise control. When using cruise control, if drivers hit an icy spot vehicles will lose speed and the tires will struggle to keep up. Most likely cars will spin out and the tires will not have enough traction on them.

Tip Three: Keep a safe distance away from the car that is in front of you. When driving on dry pavement the usual following distance is three to four seconds, but when driving on ice and snow it should be increased to eight to ten seconds.

Tip Four: Accelerate and decelerate slowly. Doing this will avoid tires spinning. If students accelerate too quickly tires will spin making them search for traction, but if students decelerate too quickly control of the car will be lost.

Tip Five: Drive slowly. Drivers should be extra cautious. Leaving 15 minutes earlier will give students time to get to school and stay safe.

Tip Six: Drivers should be prepared if their car stops working by storing blankets, flashlights, and warm clothes.

Using these tips could help students stay saferĀ on the roads.