Morality of America worsens

Griffin Foster, Journalist

The morality of Americans is being chipped away piece by piece because Americans have chosen to stray from what made us great in the first place. People are in an up rise in the United States for many different reasons and most of them are not being handled inappropriate ways.

Americans protesting the election of Donald Trump, many of the protesters are going about it all wrong. Standing in the middle of the highways or burning our nation’s flag is definitely not the way to go around protesting.

“I am all for freedom of speech, but at some point it is too far to take our nation’s symbol and destroy it,” said United States Army veteran Mr. Eric Albrecht.

Protesting in America has gotten too far out of hand. What started out as a way for people to voice their opinions has turned into a way for people to try and get what they want and not what is right.

For example, during the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr. had a strict no violence policy and everything they did was peaceful. Now there are violent protests erupting all across the United States because people are upset that they did not get they wanted.

“If people are born here legally then they should not be deported,” said Albrecht. “ If they are not from our country then I don’t believe they should be allowed to stay in our country.”

The morality of Americans is being taken away from them day by day when the country allows people to come in and take jobs away from veterans, and the working class. Illegal immigrants come into the country looking for jobs, and by all means they should come here but they should be doing it legally, but they are taking jobs away from our people ,because they can be paid less and the companies can afford to not have to worry about giving them benefits.

We, as Americans, cannot stand to lose, we have been taught from the moment we were children that winning is everything and to top on that children are being given prizes just for participating. Our morality has gone so far down that we are no longer looked at by some of our own citizens as the best place to live. That is exactly what we as Americans should be thankful for living in a country that we have so much more freedom than many other people.