Performance becomes passion


Taylor Thrush

Senior Madison Collard, as Madame, practices her lines for “Cinderella.”

Adam Staudinger, Journalist

To many, the idea of standing alone on stage and singing is terrifying, but to senior Madison Collard it is inviting.

During the last musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Collard realized how much she loved singing because of the many compliments she received and how fun it was.

“When I was in the chorus I realized I was actually pretty good at singing,” said Collard. “I decided to do Coffee House, and I discovered it’s exciting and thrilling to be on stage.”

Collard’s passion for singing is what drove her to join choir her senior year. Even though this is her first year in choir, she has already had multiple solos from different concerts.

“She’s very confident, hard working, and always willing to try,” said Northwest Choir Director Matthew Snell.

Snell has been directing choir at the high school for 9 years. Collard is currently enrolled in Concert Choir.

“I told her she had a great voice and we would welcome her into the choir family,” said Snell “She really pursued it.”

Collard has tried out for every solo she has been offered. Collard’s family and friends encouraged her to join choir.

“My dad thought that it’d be a great idea for me to join. My mom, [Choir Accompanist] Mr. Markiewicz, Mr. Snell, and my friends all said I should join. Mostly my dad,” said Collard.

Collard’s father is the first person she ever sang in front of.

“I was singing in front of my dad and he told me he was surprised I could sing like that,” said Collard.

Not only is Collard auditioning for solos, but she has received her first lead role in the upcoming Northwest Community Players production of Cinderella. She will be playing the wicked step-mother, Madame.

“I connect with the character because she’s very funny in her own way,” said Collard. “Cinderella is way different than Joseph [and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat]. It’s a bit more challenging.”

The change from chorus to lead is a drastic one for Collard. She not only has to memorize songs, but spoken lines as well. She went from 2 rehearsals a week to almost 2 hours a night of memorizing lines.

“She will really have to work on character development.” said Snell, “We don’t really do that in choir. I thinks she is up to the challenge.”

The musical will be premiering on Mar. 23 through the 25.