Students wonder what commons area will become

Adam Staudinger, Journalist

It has been over two years since the cafetorium has opened in the high school. Students eat their lunch there, perform and rehearse plays, conduct choir and band concerts all in the cafetorium. Yet nearly nothing remains in the former cafeteria, the Commons Area.

The Commons Area is not used often. During construction on the high school some classes were temporarily relocated there, and there is the occasional blood drive held in the Commons Area as well. Nothing major has happened to the Commons Area and not many know what will happen to it.

“Down the road, the plans are to make it an internet cafe where it becomes a hangout,” said Principal Scott Buchler. “Tables, chairs, casual seating. Mr. Bontrager has got an idea of what he would like to see.”

The suggested future of the Commons Area would offer students a comfortable place to wait for rides after school or to spend time in during the day. Some students wait hours for a parent to pick them up. A furnished seating area would help ease the wait.

“It’d be more comfortable and we wouldn’t have to sit here by the cold window,” said freshman Molly Williams. “That would actually be an improvement.”

Williams sometimes has to wait over an hour and a half for her ride to pick her up. A warm and relaxed sitting area would help pass the long waiting time.
The plans for new furniture and snack machines were postponed because of lack of funds. The school used all the money from the bond on new campuses and remodels.

“If there would have been money, we could have done things like that,” said Buchler. “But in adding some of the other features that was just put on hold.”

There is no clear idea of how much it would cost to add the new accessories to the Commons Area or when the school will have that money.

“I like the idea of the commons area.” said Buchler, “There should be some carpet area, some couches, some seats, a hightop table with some chairs.”

There is a plan for the Commons area, but no changes will be made until there are sufficient funds available. Until then it will remains as is.