Strumming after school

Amya Case, Co-Editor in Chief

The Guitar Club has been around since the beginning of the school year but has recently gained more attention. It has become a place where students can learn and grow musically.

In the beginning the group had little participation. When junior Adam Staudinger joined, sophomores Zach McEldowney and Nate Taylor also started coming to the meetings.

Every Monday the group meets in Guitar Club adviser Mr. Raymond Edward’s room after school to play and practice guitar.

Mr. Edward started the group as an opportunity for students to come to practice and show their skills.

“I want to allow them to express themselves by guitar and in someway or another,” said Mr. Edward.

Mr. Edward has been playing guitar for about 23 years and plays both acoustic and electric guitar.

“I learned how to play in a similar situation,” said Mr. Edward.“In middle school we had a Guitar Club. I was playing around and I wasn’t any good. I joined the guitar club and there were a bunch of kids that were a lot better than I was and they would teach me how to do things.”

In the club, the students help each other learn and improve. They have a wide range of skill levels and different styles that they can share with each other.

“Depending on your skillset, Mr. Edward helps to improve further on what you already know,” said McEldowney.

He has been playing guitar for about two years and is still working to improve on his skills with help from the club.

“I’m trying to learn more about chords and working with them. I’m really trying to work on blues and jazz style,” said McEldowney.

While McEldowney and Taylor are experienced with guitar, Staudinger is just learning how to play. During the meetings, Mr. Edward helps to teach him how to play.

Staudinger is learning the basics and gets help within the group.

“I’ve tried teaching myself before but having Mr. Edward helps me correct my mistakes,” said Staudinger.

The group is an opportunity to not only improve on the things they know, but also to help them learn. In the group students are able to express themselves through making music.

Edward hopes to have more students and staff join, and the group is open to anyone.