Spreading love after election

Sydney Bowler, Opinion Editor

Throughout this election, there has been more hate than any other election has seen before. Riots have been held and unpeaceful protest is seen everywhere.

People have been found burning flags as protest tactics against the outcome of the election. As they are trying to send a message about their harsh feelings towards president elect Donald Trump, they are disrespecting those who are have served and are currently serving our country.

The American Flag is a symbol of those who have fought for the freedom of our country, and flags put up to honor veterans on Veterans Day have been removed and thrown away as part of protests.

These protests are not changing anyone’s opinion of the election, just on the type of people Americans are turning into.

They are coming from not just Democrats, but Republicans as well. Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall on the Mexican border looks very poor on America.

America will look like the country that cut off help to those who need it most. Not only does Trump want a wall that is 2,000 miles long and 15 feet tall constructed, he plans to make Mexico pay for it.

If we want to move forward as a country, we need to come together and get past our different beliefs, as those running and the supporters have been constantly criticizing each other.

Those who are happy with the outcome must come to terms with those who disagree, and vice versa. If there is to be any progress made throughout the next four years, Americans must come together for the greater good of the country, and if we are arguing we cannot move forward.

After the election, students decorated the schools spirit rock with the words “Love Trumps Hate”.  The spirit rock is meant to pose different events happening in our district, not political views and the expression on the rock gives the impression that our entire school supports Trump.

If we continue to act the way we are – hateful, disrespectful, ignorant – we will be teaching the next generation that it is the right way to act. This will eventually lead to the collapse of America.

To avoid this, we must begin to talk things out like adults, opposed to arguing like children.