Importance of creativity over technology


Genna Barner, Editor-in-Chief

As much as we spread love, our society is becoming more hateful of one another. As much as we say we are standing up for ourselves, we are becoming a hypocritical and complaining generation.

People are quick to hide behind screens when it comes to confrontation. Our society has found the easy way out of dealing with problems by texting or by tweeting as if Twitter is our own personal journal. We often wrongly read a text or a post and assume the content of the message is meant in a way it is not.

Though we hate to admit it, our society is addicted to technology. People cannot go anywhere without seeing children, teenagers, and adults on cell phones and tablets. Though it is convenient and useful for numerous reasons, it is becoming what everyone fears, our future,

We make all this new technology and push it in the face of everyone in society, then complain when advertisements are successful in getting consumers.

Instead of pushing technology, we need to be pushing creativity and outdoor activities. In doing so, we must make sure we go about it the correct way. Shaming children for not playing outside is wrong. The younger generation only knows what we provide them, technology.

According to research from Shallu Sansanwal, “The studies on play, cognition and self-regulation … within educational settings as it influences the effortful and intentional learning involved in the development of problem solving and creativity skills.”

We must encourage pretend play and craftiness. This builds the mind and helps children to begin thinking and analyzing outside of the box.

Forcing children to play outside will benefit with face to face communication, something that our society can always use more of. We often forget that social interactions are a basic human need and that talking over a phone does not satisfy it.