Economics class helps multiple nonprofit organizations


Sydney Boulter, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Economics teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Hoffbauer requires each class to come up with a project that benefits both them and a nonprofit organization.

This year one of the hours split in half to do two projects.

Half of the class is raising money for the AWARE Shelter in Jackson. The AWARE Shelter is a safe and suitable home for families of victims of domestic violence to find sanctuary. The shelter provides a home, counseling, a 24 hour crisis hotline, and many other services to their residents and those in need.

The group is selling shirts at $10 each. Money is due by March 2 and can be turned into Room 503.

Their goal is to raise $1,000. With that money, they plan on buying enough paint to paint four rooms, which will cost around $500 to $600. With the left over money, they want to buy more things that the shelter needs such as food, clothes and other material items that could help the shelter out or they could just donate the money as well to the shelter.

“We had the opportunity to go there during class time and received a tour. We got the chance to see what it’s like and what they need,” said Hoffbauer. “The people there are just such an accommodating group of people and it’s amazing.”

Hoffbauer’s 4 hour economics class is doing a fundraiser called, Stress Relief Day, event for Jackson Animal Shelter. Students and staff can pay $3 for a 10 minute time slot to play with dogs or cats from the shelter.

Signing up for more than one time is possible. Money is to be brought on the days of time chosen. The next possible sign up time is on March 3 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.. To sign up go online at and type a name into a slot of time.

“This opportunity will give both the animals and other people a time of relief. It gives the animals time out of their cages, while also giving them time to get used to humans,” said Hoffbauer. “They get the chance to be loved on and played with, and if both the person and the animal like each other, the person can always go down to the shelter to adopt the animal. So it’s a win for both sides.”

Groups are looking forward to raising money for the nonprofit organizations.