Pro-Con: Getting a job in high school

Sydney Bowler and Audri Chenoweth

Throughout high school, students gain positive attributes that colleges and careers will be on the lookout for such as time management, responsibility and grit.

As teenagers work alongside adults in the workplace, they prepare for the “adult world”. Adolescents acquire work experience most career-level employers are on the search for.

With the ability to obtain a job in high school, I have the opportunity to gain the responsibility that having a paycheck holds.

Earning an income has made me more independent. The opportunity to be responsible has a major amount of pressure, but so does having a job.

Having an occupation gives students the ability to learn good work ethic that will help with the work they are given in high school. It will teach them that they must strive for what they want; it will not just be handed to them.

It now feels empowering to be using the money I earned rather than always asking for “Mommy and Daddy’s money” to use when I go out.

My job has taught me teamwork and social skills that have already benefited me in school.

Engaging in schoolwork as a team or talking to people I do not know has become easier for me and has given me qualities that will assist me in the long run for my future career.

While having a job, teenagers learn how important time management is and with a positive outcome, students balance school, work, and a social life.

I love my job, but getting one my junior year was one of the worst decisions I have ever made. I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and no time to manage it.

Going straight from school, to work, then back home everyday takes a toll and it is made very clear when looking at my grades. I was an all A student until this year; I now have low B’s.

Teenagers with occupations are more likely to face problems with their grades than students without.

I procrastinate more than ever because of all of stress. The first thing I want to do every night is sleep; I have to make the decision of completing my homework and being tired the next day, or getting a good night of sleep and a bad grade on my assignments.

Free time is no longer an option. All of your time is consumed by different types of work and the necessities of daily life.

It also takes a toll on my social life.  There is no time to be able to spend with friends.

Even though it is nice to have money, I have found it not to be worth it since there is no time to spend it anywhere.