Dedication put into Cinderella production


Marnie Hade

Senior Colin Dexter, as Lord Pinkleton, announces to the cast, as townspeople, that the prince is giving a ball in order to find a bride.

Sydney Shafer, Journalist

Four hours a day, five days a week. Practicing lines, building the set, and blocking scenes is just a small amount of credit given to the Northwest musical cast.

The musical this year is Cinderella. It is about a peasant girl who is surrounded by people who dream about doing bigger and better things. Cinderella dreams of going to the ball to break away from her mother’s restraints.

“As we all know there will be twists and changes that make the story happy,” said Co Director Mr. Carey Collins.

The Rodgers and Hammerstein musical has a different ending than the one in the original Disney film.

“The actual Cinderella is a very gruesome tale consisting of the step sisters cutting off their toes to make the shoe fit. It’s a crazy film that Disney changed so it was not as gory,” said Collins.

There are about 150 people taking part in the show, consisting of elementary students all the way up to high school students and adults.

Some students and adults choose to take part by being a member of the live orchestra in the pit rather than being in the cast.

The pit is directly in front of the stage and it is another floor below the seats. The audience will not be able to see the orchestra.

In order to have a pit, the production must be performed at the Baughman Theater at Jackson College (JC).

“The musical is being put on at JC because our auditorium does not have all the things needed,” said Collins. “JC has a fly system, which means you put things on poles and put them into the ceiling. It adds 30 more feet to the top of your stage,” said Collins.

The college allows the show to have backdrops to help bring the production to life. JC also has a lot of back stage space. The stage inside the cafetorium is not big enough to fit 150 people.

The shows will be on March 23, March 24, and March 25. All shows are sold out.