Pitching a team, Varsity softball plans goals for season

Kaitlyn Grier, Website Editor

Softball has started and the Varsity team is more than ready to start playing. There are new students to the team along with new coaches. The students that made varsity have been practicing every day after school for up to two hours.

“The practices are hard but it’s worth the pain and time because it’s makes you a better player,” said Freshman Ellysa Eatmon.

According to Eatmon, the practices have become more intense and have been focusing a lot on the problematic areas that the team has. The team members are working on their weaknesses from last season which are leadership and communication by working harder to become better leaders and to talk through problems they have.

Some other things that the team does to be better are that they set team and individual goals at every practice. The team is also cheering on their other teammates more after practices to better each other’s confidence.

“Our bonding is something that I love about my team. We don’t have clicks or different groups, we are all just are one big family,” said Eatmon.

The bonding that the softball team has is one of their strongest aspects. They are always pushing each other to do better and to keep going when other students from the team want to give up. Regionals and districts are an opportunity for the team to bond.

This season the girls and coaches set goals to win districts and improve on batting averages and pitching averages. The team is also planning to work on things like striking out and missing ground balls to make sure they don’t occur.

“I love my team and I’m so happy to be a part of it,” said Eatmon.

This season the girls are striving to be better every day.