New restaurants attract students

Griffin Foster, Journalist

Today young people do not consider Jackson as a fun place to hangout, but with multiple restaurants closing in Jackson and new ones opening, the city is going to look more youthful than ever. Since it opened, Texas Roadhouse has been one of the most popular places to eat.

“I think that having new restaurants in Jackson will make it a more popular place to be after school,” said senior Jorden McGuire.

Many teenagers are now going to Lansing and Ann Arbor to go shopping and to enjoy restaurants that are not found in Jackson. With new restaurants planning to be opened, they may give teenagers a place to go after school and hangout that is nearby.

This has been seen more recently with the opening of Panda Express. Many students will leave school on early release days and go to eat at restaurants like Panda Express and Wing Street.

“I know I will be going to Buffalo Wild Wings when they build it,” said McGuire.

When all the new restaurants in Jackson such as Buffalo Wild Wings and Potbelly, people will not have to travel as far just to get food.

If more big chains like Red Robin and Five Guys were to open,  they would be a big hit and bring in students from further away, such as how our students go the distance for a variety of restaurants.