Senior Will and Testament 2016-2017


• I, Gabe Arthur, leave to:
Evan White and Noah Woodruff: The position of Emcee for the National Honor Society talent show.
Kyle Arthur: The sole ability to influence the Arthur game.
• I, Genna Barner, leave to:
The Moxie Mountie: All of my stress bottled up from the past four years. Okay, in all seriousness, this class is amazing. There are so many
opportunities to grow and I challenge you all to take them. I will ALWAYS remember this group. You can do amazing things. Don’t be afraid to
put your mind to it.
Drama Club: The patience to memorize your lines, the courage to audition for that big role that you’re scared of, and all the love that being
a part of this family comes with. This is a special group, cherish it.
Courtney Johnson & Josh Wright: My friendship. I am always just a message away. This is your time to shine and you have so much potential.
Thank you for making my senior year.
• I, Hailey Baker, leave to:
Meghan Camburn: The dance team co-captain! It’s been amazing watching you grow as a person and performer. I’m so proud of you!
The Northwest Colorguard: Good luck in each performance you have next year! I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to work with you all over
the last four years.
Sam Madery: Happiness and success in all of your endeavours! Your smile and jokes brighten the lives of many! Continue to be you!
• I, Ceairra Barron, leave to:
Jadelynn Hammatte, Arzanae Suddeth, and Shy Graham: I leave leading the cheer team to you three. Even when times get rough don’t give up and
always stay hungry for the title! Make me proud ladies!
• I, Abby Becraft, leave to:
Jarred Becraft: The position of main Becraft of the school.
Kayleigh Schulz: The title of Clarinet Mom, even though it’s always truly been yours.
Mackenzie Martin: The piano section of Jazz Band and all the great memories we made.
Mr. Klinger: My mental health.
• I, Makenna Burman, leave to:
Emily Belding: Bass Section.
Haley Martin: Breaking Chains, don’t let it stop.
Mrs. Rush, Mrs. Hoffbauer, and Mrs. Bort: My heart.
• I, Darius Case, leave to:
Hunter Cox: My rolly chair in chemistry, may your seating pleasures be great.
Gibson Wait: My amazing ability to jump and grab nm.
Jalen & Jamal Case: My high school sports record, because I don’t want it.
• I, Hailee Danilowsky, leave to:
Brothers (Alex and Nick): Being the last of the Danilowsky’s don’t forget to have fun in your last few years of high school. Growing up
isn’t that fun so stay young while you can.
Mellos: The role of being the forgotten section. I love you guys.
Mr. Mangiavellano (BM/Favorite teacher): Thank you for making my years of high school bearable. Also thank you for being a supportive adult
figure in my life.
• I, Sophia Epstein, leave to:
Madelynn Miller: The soprano section and my eyeshadow palettes.
Matt Kanalas: My leftovers, mostly breadsticks and two sodas.
• I, Shelby Faber, leave to:
Tera Faber: Continue to dominate on the soccer field but stay humble. Keep up your good grades and don’t change for anyone.
• I, Adrienne Fisher, leave to:
Arzanae Suddeth & Madelyn Atwood: The Soprano 1 section in Vocal Dimension.
Eve Vicary: The flute section.
Avery Fisher: The Presidency of Chi Alpha.
• I, Brittney Fleming, leave to:
My family including Kayleigh Schulz, Austin Friess, Charis Cumings, Clay Waterbury, and Matthew Neimi: My kindness and joy. I hope you
continue making others feel as loved and accepted as you made me feel. I also leave you my parking spot, if any of you want it.
My Clarinet Family: The will to “be the best”. I hope you keep the fun in our section, but also the discipline. Make this next year even
better than the last.
My teachers: I just want to thank you for everything. Many of you have put up with me for four years, and have shaped me into who I am today.
I appreciate you all very much.
Mr. Sczykutowicz: “Speedracer”. Thank you so much for caring.
• I, Enrique Fonseca, leave to:
Evan White: It’s your time now boss. You’re the leader of the Northwest
Marching Mounties, and it’s up to you to do your best in leaving a legacy. I have total faith in you, and I am hoping and excited for MSBOA
2017. Be the Best.
Aidan Christner: Varsity Goalkeeper. It’s your turn to get it bro. I can’t wait to hear all the great things you’ll be doing next year. You
know I love to put the gloves on, so anytime you need a body, I’m a call away. Work hard, and keep improving, it is your time to shine.
• I, Jared Foote, leave to:
Kaden Grimes: The golf team, carry the team to states.
• I, Hannah Friend, leave to:
Taylor Thrush: I leave you our secret handshake and our many memories from
my last year in Serenade and the NW musical! I’m going to miss you! I’ll be in the audience watching for you next year!
Mackenzie Ruba: I leave you my lifeguard shirt and all my YMCA swim students. You’ll be a great addition to the Y family! See ya at the pool!
Danielle Griswold: I leave you the position of NHS secretary. You will do great, hang in there!
• I, Logan Frewen, leave to:
Mark Warren: The drumline. Don’t suck.
• I, Devyn Garner, leave to:
The Bostwick Twins: Take advantage of every opportunity given. Everyday is a new box boys. You open it, take a look what’s inside. You are the
ones who determine if it is a gift or not.
Ryan Cowley, Josh O’Neil, Eli Eatmon: Work hard. Stay close and build. Be the change. Love you all. Best of luck next year.
Logan Young; Go all out in ball. Keep your expectations high and push yourself beyond limits. You have a bright future. Make it happen.
• I, Trey Hall, leave to:
Meghan Raybon: I leave you with my heart. You were the only one who stuck with me through anything and everything. Don’t worry, I’m only gonna
be a few minutes away. I love you.
• I, Faith Harris, leave to:
Mrs. Soper: Patience with Freshman.
Ms. Dryer: Even more optimism.
Mrs. Dodge: Have patience, art is important and people will realize that overtime.
• I, Justin Herman, leave to:
Kaden Grimes: Keep living the dream, you only have one year left.
Everyone else I left behind: Don’t ever fall in love you’ll regret it.
• I, Matthew Hubbell, leave to:
Seth Swartout: The trombone section, take care of them next year.
• I, Caitlin Huber, leave to:
Luke Hedrich: All of my problems.
Emily Sexton: The piccolo.
Matt Kanalas: Better Embouchure.
• I, Morgan Huver, leave to:
Brandon Rouley (Future Freshman): My school spirit and ability to always get involved. Have fun in High school B, it has so far been the best
times of my life, I hope it is yours as well, Love you!
• I, Noah Jakubas, leave to:
Austin Tapely: Bring home a natty champ for the Bass Team.
Cassie Jakubas: Keep the Jakubas legacy.
Wrestling Team: Keep tearing it up.
• I, Brianna Jennett, leave to:
Meghan Camburn: The key to my apartment so you can move in because I love you.
Stephanie Curtis: The soprano 2’s of Concert Choir (if that is even a thing.)
Chloe Weisbrod: The color guard because they could use a cute sweetheart like you.
• I, Sydney Jones, leave to:
Maddie Hopkins: My memes.
Catherine Ferguson: My supply of Big K Black Cherry Soda.
Kayleigh Schulz: The mannequin head in my locker.
• I, Joshua Kaimipon Lewis, leave to:
Ethan Lewis: All the stereotypical Hawaiian jokes from everyone including but not limited to being born in a volcano.
Jayden Chase: The continuation of the discus and shot put team.
Cameron Noon: The title of fat man on the team and the varsity heavyweight for Wrestling.
• I, Rachael Kaiser, leave to:
The Moxie Mountie: My stress, my edits, and my encouragement to make the most of next year!
Taylor Thrush: The confidence to take on Senior year, and the hope that you always do whatever brings you happiness, I’ll always be a phone
call or text away.
Audri Chenoweth and Sydney Bowler: My love and support. I’ll miss you guys!
• I, Cece’ Klee, leave to:
Rylan Sackrider: Student Government, keep it running great and make sure Mrs. Tanner doesn’t over-stress herself.
Shelby Foor and Jaiden Alcock: Be more kind club. I wish I would have known about it my freshman year. The club has come to be my favorite
outside of student government. Take care of it and spread all the kindness you can. It’s been an amazing year, keep it going.
• I, Hannah Locke, leave to:
Wayne Mayhard: All my energizing education knowledge and responsibilities.
• I, Loren Mason, leave to:
Tanner Beach: You are going to be a beast this next year. You just have to keep on getting better everyday. Be the captain everyone can rely
on. You are going to be a force to be reckon with.
Jake Race: We have gotten pretty close this year, I am glad you moved to NW. It was a great decision. You are going to be something special for
the years to come.
Jennifer Mason: My little sister, I might not be in the high school next year, but just enjoy what you have left of it. Don’t regret what you
have to do with your classmates or friends. I love you sis and I am so proud of you.
• I, Paige J Mcbargh, leave to:
Jon Pace: All of my videogames, save for the 3DS and DSI XL. Also, any books I have, and half of my candles and incense.
Jessika Hostetter: All of my art supplies. Also, my 3DS, 3DSXL, two DS chargers, and my pet cat. And my Keurig.
Jay Blackburn: My horde of VHS tapes, the VHS tape player, and my TV. Also, my dream catcher, the other half of my candles and incense, and all
of my essential oils.
• I, Marina Meddaugh, leave to:
Jesse Rose: My gift of imagination so you can always imagine a positive future.
• I, Madysson Milliman, leave to:
Kaylee Hall: Always remember to keep your head held high and just keep being yourself. Also keep the positive attitude.
Shannon Kellenberger: You were honestly the best person I could talk to in school. You are going to do amazing in whatever you do in life.
• I, Abigail Nelson, leave to:
Hannah Shaw: I leave you my strength. High School sucks, it’s true, but with strength and hope you can persevere and make it out alive.
Chelsea Devolder: I leave to you what was once left to me and that is my stomping ground. You have three more years ahead of you, make them
great. Big personalities have the chance to make a difference, so make it! Leave an impact on Northwest and remember to pass it on. I believe
in you!
• I, Zach Newhouse, leave to:
Noah Woodruff: The main trumpet locker in the band room.
Sam Hibbs: Cabin three responsibilities to keep losing at everything.
Clayton Waterburg: The trumpet jazz section take care of it.
• I, Kylie Norris, leave to:
Kylie Harris: My forever friendship and a bunch of books.
Alexis Norris: To rule the school.
Tiffani Schrauder: The fun times.
• I, Allison Panik, leave to:
Kaitlyn Pier: Nicole. You have been like a sister to me and I hope you’ll be there for her when she needs a sister and bestfriend. I appreciate
Coron Sherar: My senioritis. I hope you understand just how bad this last year gets, but I promise I’ll be there to motivate you! I love you!
• I, Jerod Parrett, leave to:
Evan Argo: I’m not sure who’s it is to give, but the Bass Section is yours.
Joshua Wright: Nothing bub. You already have everything you need to make your senior year amazing. You’re going to do great things.
• I, Jewell Perkey, leave to:
Sydney Bowler: My family name.
Sydney Rushlow: The endless supply of water bottles I have.
Piper Boulter: The moldy chip in the corner of locker 435.
• I, Noah Pieh, leave to:
Josh O’Neil: The offensive line
Evan Argo: The bass section
• I, Ashley Potosky, leave to:
Kate Romkee: I leave to you some bots that I roasted, as well as my place in Drama Club. You are so amazing, I wouldn’t know what to do
without you. I leave you goal to be the person people can go to if they have problems. Good luck next year, Martha.
Taylor Thrush: I leave to you my title of Photoshop overlord in Journalism.
Elijah Pierce: The blame of everything choir or musical related.
• I, Jacob Raymond, leave to:
Everyone: My four bottom lockers for all of highschool.
• I, Dustin Rendell, leave to:
Alex Harmon: Being “in charge” of the career center bus
Matt Wetmore: My love for the color black
Leon Baker: a few inches of my height
• I, Austin Richmond, leave to:
Cyle Risinger: The golf team, and to shoot solids 50’s
Brendan Mortimer: All the lovely ladies at Northwest
Taryn Hendershot: All the A’s I get in class
• I, Alex Roth, leave to:
Mr. Klinger: Kendall Stephens
Noah Woodruff: My concert band spot
Colin Berry: School laptops
• I, Savannah Shook, leave to:
Rhiannon Shook: All the fun and great memories we made at NW. I also leave to you some of my motivation and attitude because we both know I’ll
still need some for college. I love you bunches!
• I, Jenna Sorenson, leave to:
Madi Hernandez: The chance to finally drive yourself everywhere. I’ll miss being your chauffeur, but now you can come pick me up. Papi loves
Aria Ward: The cross country team, the gymnastics team, and the track team. Have fun going straight from track practice to gymnastics (and make
sure you never stop giving Devereaux a hard time).
The Northwest girls on the gymnastics team: The privilege of representing Northwest on the Lumen gymnastics team. I’ll come back to watch you
guys next year. And make sure you never shut the door to the closet!!
• I, Kelsey Staton, leave to:
The Drama Club: My sick improv skills, all my McDonalds, and all of my hell week tears.
Courtney Johnson: The responsibility of amazing Mr. Collins everyday and all my snoozed 6:00 alarms
Josh Wright: A dressing room full of kids, fatty, and all my yellow shirts to make your days brighter.
• I, Precious Stebelton, leave to:
Makayla Niceswander: My severe senioritis case. You’re next to graduate! We are all proud of you little cousin!
• I, Kendall Stephens, leave to:
Chloe Blue: The Jackson Dance Company.
Nick Stephens: The Stephens legacy, don’t mess it up.
• I, Michael Vogt, leave to:
Glenn Miller: My soccer captain band, to lead the boys varsity soccer team to districts and win a championship.
Makenna McCollum: All of my love and heart. I wish you the best of luck with your senior year of highschool, and accomplish your dreams to
become whatever you want.
Mr. Woodruff: My favorite soccer memories. Thanks for everything you have done for me and this soccer team, you will never be forgotten in my
• I, Rachel Wadke, leave to:
Maddie Hopkins: My viscom desk.
Mr.Snell: My @ mug.
• I, Kennedy Wait, leave to:
Meg Moffit: The Mountie Nation Station, take good care of the Mr. Bontrager segment and photo slideshows!! Make me proud!
• I, Kaelyn Weisbrod, leave to:
Amber Carroll: The Northwest Color Guard. I have watched you since your freshman year grow into an amazing leader. I know’ll make a great
captain next year!
Chloe Weisbrod: The family home. You’re that last one. You’re a smart young lad so leave a good impression.
• I, Karley Wertzbar, leave to:
Tori Brock, Kaylee Stokely, and Kelsey Murton: The VD Alto Section. Make your Alto moms proud.
Courtney Johnson: All of my Gatsby homework, enjoy. Love you!
Eve Vicary: The flute section. Try not to make anyone cry.
• I, Breanna Whitney, leave to:
Jameson Laporte: My Mountie spirit. Go to the football games and cheer in my spot, especially for the band.
Shy Graham: My facial expressions during sideline. Make everyone look at you and think “Wow”. Enjoy your last year of cheer, and make all the
memories you can.
• I, Donovan Woodruff, leave to:
Matt Mikulka: My technology experience, my morning tech job, and my teacher assistance job.
• I, Malorie Zonts, leave to:
Charis Cummings: I leave you my spot in the Choir Program. Use your beautiful voice to carry the choirs and always remember to be yourself.