Northwest encourages “super-fans”

Luke Worden, Web Journalist

  Following the “Dude. Be Nice” campaign, The Northwest “Be More Kind” group has put out a new way of getting students to participate in school events.

  This new idea was ushered in by senior Danielle Griswold and co-created by Ms. Marnie Hade. The idea is to reward students for attending sports or club events. This could potentially drive up the attendance rate and increase the amount of revenue that the school and it’s programs will make from concessions or ticket sales.

   The rewards will be earned by a point system, Which can be earned by direct messaging (DM) a picture to the Northwest student section page (@TheMOB1718). Doing this will only earn you one point for attendance.

  To earn more points you can meet up with the Dean of Students Mr. Phil Sczykutowicz or any other student section leader and receive points for dressing up in the theme appropriately and participating in the student section. You can only receive three points per athletic event.

  The “Super Fans” idea can be applied to more than just the sports venue. You can also earn points in the same fashion by attending club events such as robotics, spanish club, band, or choir. Club events will only award one point for attendance.

  You can also earn points for good grades, an “A” will get you two points, whereas a “B” will earn you one point. This is likely to take off second trimester.

  The final way you can score points is by being caught doing something nice. If you are seen in the halls or anywhere else by a teacher or you are nominated by another student then confirmed by a teacher, you will be awarded three points. Some nominations will be aired over the morning announcements.