2017-18 Student Government staff released


Audri Chenowith, Web Editor-in-Chief

This year’s Student Government includes:


Student Government

President – Rylan Sackrider

“My personal goal is to make events as friendly as possible to have students come out and support us and the community,” said senior Rylan Sackrider.


Vice President – Abbie Bushinski

“The main goal of student government is to plan events for school and encourage students to come out and participate in those events,” said junior Abbie Bushinski.

Secretary – Rachel Nau

“A lot of people don’t understand how Student Government works, but we work to make activities enjoyable for all students,” said senior Rachel Nau.

Treasurer – Seth Swartout

“My favorite thing about Student Government is seeing how much everyone else enjoys the stuff we do for them,” said senior Seth Swartout.


Senior Class

President – Courtney Johnson

“My last year in Student Government  I plan on being more involved and try new activities,” said senior Courtney Johnson.

Vice President – Giordan Nazaruk

Secretary – Carsyn Sleight

Treasurer – Not filled

Representatives – Seth Swartout, Rachel Nau, Rylan Sackrider, Breanna DuBois, Dustin Anderson, and Brendon Lease


Junior Class

President – Sam Madery

“Student government has done a pretty good job at encouraging more students to participate in events,” junior Sam Madery.

Vice President – Not filled

Secretary – Not filled

Treasurer – Not filled

Representatives – Abbie Bushinski, Joseph Haddad, Ryan Novak, Kylie Rydjord, Allie Swartz, Brooke Terry, and Haylee Wiggins


Sophomore Class

President – Liz Bowler

Sophomore class President sophomore Liz Bowler.

Vice President – Victoria Fex

Secretary – Not filled

Treasurer – Not filled

Representatives – Genevieve Marry, Tori Miers, and Adam White


Freshman Class

President – Lucy Nurkka

Freshman class President freshman Lucy Nurkka.

Vice President – Taylor Grindall

Secretary – Not filled

Treasurer – Jadide Harris

Representatives – Oliva Barsche, Emily DuBois, Alex Hicks, Anna Sayers, Karrah Wiggins, Shaelyn Paulis, Payton Brooks