Equestrian team qualify for regionals


Oli Grenke

Sophomore Madison Grenke warm up for an event during a show last fall.

Nicole Mata, Web Editor-in-Chief

  After 17 years the Equestrian team has made it to regionals. As a reward the team has received a trophy to be placed in the high school. Regionals will be held in Mason at the Ingham County Fairgrounds on Sept. 30 through Oct. 1.

  The team competed at the 3 district show. The top two teams get to compete in regionals. With inexperienced riders our team placed high in all their events (which is called a class) and earn enough points to beat out the rest of the teams.

  The placing goes from first place to eighth place. In first place the highest the team can score is eight points and being in the eighth place the team can only score one point.

  To place high, the riders have to compete individually, but there are relays that involved two people. The points from each rider will be combined to create a team score.

  All of the riders have to perform the same pattern. A pattern is a specific route that all riders do and it has to be memorized. The judges decide whoever does the best, the best one is the winner of that class.

   “My goal is to remember my patterns and do the best because I want to score high for my team,” said junior Sloan Bladowski.

  There are between 16-20 schools that will be going to regionals. Multiple riders are in the arena doing the same class. Some classes include showmanship, saddle seat, hunt seat, jumping, western, reining, flags.

  “Coach David Cox and Angela Klobuchar are positive and motivate us to do our best,” said Bladowski.

  Cox and Klobuchar have been preparing the team by having practices every Tuesday. The team does not have a set location for practice, some practices are held at junior Zach Sommer’s arena which is at his house.