New Marvel movie excites fans


The evil Thanos with his infinity gauntlet.

Micheal Mierzwa, News Journalist (Opinion)

  Marvel is back once again with an upcoming movie. They have been dishing out movies and even television shows in the last couple years.

  Marvel’s next addition to the movie franchise, however, is anticipated to be the next big superhero flick of the year. Avengers Infinity War is going to be the third installment to the Avengers series .

  One thing with marvel movies is that they are known for teasing scenes from the next movie during the ending credits.  Marvel studios has teased a large amount about this upcoming movie, which shows the Infinity Gauntlet of Thanos.

  The gauntlet is a weapon that the evil villain Thanos uses to conquer worlds. However in order to get the gauntlet to full power, he needs six Infinity stones.

  The recent teasers have shown each stone being found and collected. This spells trouble for the beloved heroes as this may be their toughest challenge yet.  

  Many superheroes will be returning in this new blockbuster such as Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor, but now there are going be some new faces. To the avengers, these new faces are none other than the Guardians Of The Galaxy, Dr. Strange, Ant man, and Spiderman.

  This makes the movie way more interesting because now even more humor will be added from Groot and Rocket, and even Ant man will share in on the fun. With the movie having a more depressing tone, these characters will be much needed to brighten up the mood.

  With the new movie not expected to hit theaters until next year, (Apr. 25, 2018.) viewers will have to go watch other Marvel films to hopefully see a couple more teasers for the film. With the release being so far away, this is the chance for the audience to catch up on the films and enjoy the captivating story that is the Marvel Universe.

  If any recent Marvel rookies are looking to start the franchise from start to finish, Captain America (the first avenger) is a great place to begin.