‘Do what’s right, not what’s easy’

Varsity football plans to continue ‘pushing’ forward


Sydney Boulter

Seniors Coron Sherar, Diego Wolfe , and Junior Harry Moore run on to the field.

Kaitlyn Grier , Sports Editor

The varsity football team began the season with a win against Eaton Rapids High School,16-14. It also ended the season with a win against Leslie High School. Many fans hope these victories are the foundation of future success.

Despite a 2-7 record, the coaches believe the team progressed in multiple areas.
Since last January, the team has been practicing, improving communication, and developing plays. Now that the season is over, the coaches and team will continue working toward improvements.

“Our team has definitely improved and we had been practicing for months and we even went to summer camps,” said junior Jamal Case. “Our plans this season were to win and become a better team.”

Getting those wins was a two year battle for varsity, and it shows that the players have come a long way.
The teams’ coaches plan to keep pushing them to do their best. They will continue to create opportunities for the team to bond which made them become closer. They also plan to continue to grow the program.

“Since the coaches have been pushing us, we have become a team,” said senior Jason Shepherd. “They push us to be better and continue to push us until we succeed and accomplish what needs to be done. They are one of the reasons we had wins.”

Winning two games did not come at a small price. The team had to practice three to four hours a day, having day and night sessions, and working every week, Monday through Friday. Some teammates stayed later or got to practices earlier so they could have extra time to improve on skills. They wanted to help the team become better.

Along with the extra practice hours, the coaches had the players spend more time together. The team believes that the bonding they did brought them closer together which made it easier for them to communicate during the game.

Next season the team plans on continuing the improvement by having dedicated practices to go over plays, practicing defense, offense, and their speed. In all, the team will continue to strive to “win now”!