District becomes school of choice for many new students


Adam Staudinger

Senior Shiori Ogata eats Marino’s pizza with her fellow new students and Ms. Judy Scott during the new student lunch in the library on Oct. 12. Ogata explains how pizza is different in her home country of Japan.

Shealyn Paulis, News Journalist

   The school district has undergone an influx in student numbers these past few years. With a new and improved high school and early elementary, efficient advertising, and innovative academic strategies, Northwest has become a choice school for many students.

Throughout the last five years, the district has received a reputation as an amazing up and coming community. The school is continuing to add programs to give students more opportunities.

One person who is enthusiastic about these changes is high school counselor Mrs. Karyn Blume.

“It’s really exciting to see that growth in our district and that excitement is contagious. It’s bringing more and more peers and families in,” said Blume. “It’s truly just a really neat time to be a part of this community and to see that growth happening.”

When students say why they switched from our school, there was not a negative thing listed.

“The biggest thing you really hear is people talking about the positive culture,” said Blume. “Everyone always says, ‘Man, it’s so positive here. You can really tell that people care about the kids. The kids are really friendly, they always say hello.’ And that’s what really matters.”

Another person who knows a lot about the positive culture of the high school is freshman Ilydia Srnka. She came to the school this year for the first time after being home schooled.

“I decided to come to public high school for the opportunities and good career paths, and that’s what Northwest offers,” said Srnka. “I first became aware of the district through advertising of the equestrian club. Everyone is really nice here. There are no bullies, and the school seems well put together, like everyone fits in here.”

Srnka observed the kind and well behaved atmosphere Northwest has, saying that she is comfortable and looking forward to more school involved activities such as the equestrian team, choir, and track in the spring.

“It’s good to feel involved here; it’s a great place to be.” said Srnka

Sophomore Kody Grundy moved to Michigan from Kentucky. He too says he believes Northwest has a good atmosphere.

“This school is bigger than my last school, and I like it a lot,” said Grundy. “The people are nice here and the teachers are encouraging and supportive. I would recommend. Northwest to anyone thinking of switching because it’s great here.”

As the school expands and students come from more places, the community continues to improve.