School participation affects the future


In high school, everyone is told to live life to the fullest and create good memories. While this is easier said than done, ignoring this advice has the potential to negatively impact the high school experience.

Participating in school events will not only help students have a good time while in school, but also help students prepare for the real world after graduating.

Going to school events such as football games prepare students for college and other social occasions by helping them get used to large crowds and the environment found in college. This can help students improve communication skills by getting students to adjust to that situation.

Students will be surrounded by people in the community, which helps them create lifelong friends.

Going to different events will also provide different adaptation skills. When students go to choir or band events, they are taught different etiquettes such as when to applaud, which is called quick learning, a skill which can be used in the future.

While at a sports event, people learn what is going on at the games. Not only do they learn the ways of the game, they also are showing support and pride for the teams and players.

School dances such as Homecoming, Snowfest, and Prom can be fun and students will regret not attending. These dances create memories that last a lifetime, memories that students can look back on once they graduate and move on to college.

Even though school events may take you out of your comfort zone, this challenge has the ability to improve self esteem and social skills. The more students who go to these school events, the easier it will be to handle social situations and be more comfortable when out and about.

Going to school events creates recollections and even helps prepare you for future situations, making going to them beneficial and providing students with a positive high school experience.