Fork in the Road: Discovering one’s place in school


Sydney Bowler, Editor-in-Chief

Entering sophomore year, I had the greatest friends I could ask for, yet I felt as if I did not have a place in school. I had no passion or goals, and attended school only because I was raised to do so.

I worked for grades that my family would approve of even though I knew I had more potential. Feeling out of place is something that many students go through sometime throughout their high school career, and for me, it was during the first two years.

Freshman year, I began my time as a Marching Mountie. I was part of the drumline, and even though I enjoyed it, I did not consider it part of who I was. The following year, there was an open spot for a tenor drum player, and I started putting in the required work to have a chance for this position.

I practiced for hours every day until I received the spot. Doing so was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself, as it sparked my passion for music.

There was a sense of safety when I was with the drumline. I was able to participate in what I loved most, with people I considered family. I quickly became more confident with myself and realized I did not need to fear school; I was finally beginning to feel as if I belonged.

At the time I did not know why, but I began to care more about my grades. Looking back, I know it is because I had finally found a purpose for myself. I had something to contribute to the school, which led me to finding my passion for helping others.

My newfound confidence allowed me to expand my interests and start participating in higher-level classes. A drumline member recommended a class called Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology, and this class pushed me to pursue a career in the medical field.

There is a place for everyone in school, and each person has the chance to find theirs. Whether it is a club, sport, class, or other extracurricular, participating in something you love can provide you with many opportunities.

Having something to focus your time on has the potential to turn into a career, or at least guide you toward one. I never planned to be a drummer, but without drumline, I never would have been shaped into who I am today.
Find something you enjoy doing and do it, because you never know what doors it could open for your future. Do not give yourself the chance to regret participating in school; take on every challenge thrown at you, and make your time in high school some of the best years of your life.