Get buff, get tough

Off season weight training gains popularity with students and athletes


Caleb Hilliard, Entertainment Editor

For some athletes, staying in shape between seasons can be tough. They may not have access to equipment that can help them until they start playing again.

The off-season weight training program gives those athletes the opportunity to stay in shape during their waiting period every Mon., Wed., and Fri. from the end of school, to approximately 4:30 p.m.

Lead by coach Adam Grybauskas, a pre-set activity program is used to lay out what everyone does, consisting of various demanding exercises involving weights, bars, dumbells, stretches, and more.

These keep muscles throughout the body moving in different ways to stop them from cramping, while improving their range of movement.

The average amount of students who attended last year was 50, while this year has averaged at 40.

Football players have been found to participate in off-season weight lifting the most often. Athletes from softball, baseball, and track show up around winter, while spring time consists of students from basketball.

According to Grybauskas, if someone wants to get in extra exercise at home as well, they could stretch regularly, do bodyweight exercises such as pushups and core work, or run.

“If they are an athlete, they should be showing up no matter what sport they are in.” said Grybauskas. “It is giving them the best chance to do well.”

There is also a summer weight lifting program for those who want to stay in shape while out of school and prepare for the early fall activities.

“We have a program that [the athletes] use, which changes daily. So wherever they are at determines what we are doing, and when we’re doing it,” said Athletic Director Mr. Chris Galloway. “So what they do in the summer may be different than the spring, based on the amount of weight frequency, reps, and the different types of exercises as they are getting ready for the fall seasons.”

Any student who is off-season for their sport has the opportunity to work hard and prepare for when it starts up again, and the off-season weight training program is here to help them achieve that goal.