Tackling terrorism through togetherness


Over the past few years, the U.S. has become more diverse and accepting of people and their cultures. Although this may be true, violence has skyrocketed and terrorist attacks have become a common occurrence.

In 2016, there were 61 terrorist attacks in the U.S. according to ourworldindata.org. This has left many people in fear of the future.

Terrorism is a scary topic to most, and some have begun to dwell on the what-ifs. People start to think “what if it happens to me?” and “what if it happens at my school or in my community?”

However, as U.S. citizens, we can not fill our thoughts with fear. The United States was created on the foundation of being able to live freely, as stated in the Declaration of Independence.

Since the founding of our country, citizens have had to make decisions based on how they want their lives to be. When the Declaration of Independence was written, the men who signed it had to make a decision: to live a controlled life, or to be free.

During this time of hardship, we should be cautious, but not afraid to live our lives. Moving toward change and positivity is a big step to take, and it is not one that can be done in solitude. We must continue to do what is best for our country, and that would be to move past the violence.

America is one of the leading countries of the world and terrorism is an attempt to try and divide us. We must continue to grow and work together, so we can still accomplish great things during this rough time.

Being kind to everyone is one way to start making a change. Being nice to someone will encourage them to be kind as well, and the positivity will spread.
Being accepting is another place to start. Everyone faces different problems and they could be going through the same thing as you are. You cannot judge someone for the way they look or dress.

Welcoming the people around you is a mature and respectful thing to do and could make someone’s day. Being kind and embracing others will help reduce violence.

Our communities are falling apart, but by making them stronger, we will be constructing the building blocks to create a stronger nation. Positivity spreads, and starting in Jackson, Michigan will inspire surrounding areas to do the same.