Student hopes to soar

Senior begins future career in aviation

Audri Chenoweth, Web Editor-in-Chief

  Children tend to create a dream of what they wish to be when they grow up, but will often change their minds later in life. Unlike this situation, Senior Evan White’s dream of becoming a pilot is now becoming a reality.

  When White was younger, his father told stories of how he nearly became a pilot, which led White’s desire to follow in his footsteps. Entering high school, what once was a thought, turned into a possible career opportunity.

  “The kids and I would try to fly the airplane simulator in the museums and we would all crash,” said mother Shawn White. “Evan sat down as a small child, and he made it fly. We all just looked at each other and knew it was a sign.”

  White’s family was supportive as he explored the possibility of becoming a pilot.

  “My family was extremely proud when I told them,” said White. “My father had all of that ‘dad pride’ since he wanted to become a pilot before becoming an attorney.”

  At this point, White has his first class special flight regulation physical completed that is needed before beginning any sort of flight training.

  He is currently in ground school, which is essentially driver’s training for pilot before they try to fly in the air. In addition, White is part of multiple aviation clubs.

  “Evan is dedicated to the field and already has experience flying even though he’s in high school,” said senior Noah Woodruff. “If he continues down the path he has already started, his skills will only improve and he will be a great pilot.”

  White plans to attend Western Michigan University (WMU) and, after graduating he is most looking forward to flying to the Upper Peninsula.

  “I’m mostly excited to see the Upper Peninsula,” said White. “It’s not a very long flight and the views of the Great Lakes and the wildness are a huge plus.”  

  Although some people view aviation as a dangerous career choice, White and his family are not nervous at all.

  “I was not afraid, not as much as most mother’s would be because of the way he carries himself. I knew it was a really good occupation for him to go into,” said Shawn White.

  White intends to obtain his private pilot license and apply to WMU’s aviation college in April. He will be attending WMU for four years to earn his degree in aviation sciences.

Photo courtesy of Evan White
Senior Evan White poses during his senior session with photographer Tiffany Cornwell.