The debate about gym class

Kaitlyn Grier , Website Editor

For many years, students have been required to take physical education (P.E.). P.E. is required by the State of Michigan, but many students wonder why.

Although this class increases physical fitness, athletic abilities, and teamwork, this class does not teach students skills needed for their future career.

“I like P.E, but I do not know if I would choose to do it if I did not have to,” said freshman Alexcia Swank. “I get to play sports, which I enjoy, but P.E. is not teaching me much for the career path I want to pursue.”

There are negative opinions, but having P.E. gives students time to release energy and have a class where they can focus on fitness.

Despite the fact that some students do not enjoy the mile long runs, the exercise increases your brainpower since it is increasing the flow of oxygen to your brain. Having a boost such as that can impact participants by bringing up their grades and attitudes as well.

Schools across America are meant to teach teenagers basic knowledge for how to be ready for the “real world.” However, gym has been known to give some “real world” necessities, such as team work, interaction, and perseverance.

“Even though gym does not teach us about math or history, it keeps us in shape and healthy,” said freshman Donnie Tenny. “It also teaches us things, such as how to grow and build muscle.”

Gym classes provide students with physical exercise on a consistent basis. It is particularly important for the physical well-being of teenagers who do not engage in physical activities outside of school.

On the other hand, students are required to bring gym clothes everyday to school. When a student forgets their clothes they must decide whether they want to participate in their normal clothes or take a zero for the day. It is unfair for them because many students do not have a lot of “gym clothing” or they cannot afford it. Schools should provide clothing to students who do not have the resources to get them or who forget them

Multiple students have to go through daily struggles at home and with academics, gym clothes are not always at the top of their minds. Although this is not an excuse, they should be given a chance to explain why their apparel was not with them that day.

In gym class, many are embarrassed by appearance, weight, and physical activity abilities. These students may end up failing the class because they are afraid to get made fun of by others who are better at activities in P.E. than they are.

Overall P.E. is a good class to have but it should not be required to graduate. This class does not give most students skills that they will need in the future career. P.E. should be a class that is taken by choice, so those who enjoy it can plan on using it toward their future.

Illustration by: Amya Case