Preventing theft in locker rooms

Micheal Mierzwa, Web Journalist

Day in and day out, hundreds of teenagers walk through the locker rooms for sports or gym classes, yet they question if their belongings are safe.

The lockers are very easy to access, and it is easier to just place your things in an open locker. Still the locker room should be a safe place to put your belongings.

Students put their clothes in the locker to cover their belongings to try to ensure their safety. However, there have been reports of theft.

How does this reflect to other schools who enter opposing locker rooms? Why should they have to worry about their stuff being stolen while they are competing.

Locks should be provided in the locker rooms at school. These locks would provide safety and clarity to those who put their trust in the security of locker rooms.

Money can be easily raised to supply the teenagers of Northwest. A pop can drive is a possibility or donations.

“I feel it would make us athletes feel more secure about leaving our belongings in the locker room. It would benefit other schools as well,” said junior Sydney Shafer.

If the locks were just like the ones on the lockers, theft would never happen. The whole atmosphere in the locker rooms would change.

No hiding bags underneath the benches, or asking someone who brought a lock to share, or stuffing a random locker. More security and convenience for everyone.

This would help gym classes especially just because bringing clothes without a lock is a hassle. It is a risk to leave them unattended for the day, because they tend to disappear or end up being used by others.

With locks students could bring clothes and even a spare set of clothes. This could even benefit some who fail to bring clothes and get a bad grade for the day. Just because they are prepared and have spare sets of clothes in their locker that was provided.

Trust is a key part of high school, something as simple as locks being supplied to students can go a long way.