Northwest students create awareness project

Sydney Bowler, Editor-in-Chief

  On Mar. 14, at 10 a.m., schools across the nation participated in a walk out protesting for more gun control. This was impacted by the students strength after the shooting in Parkland, Florida that happened earlier this year. This event inspired a group of students at school to create a movement of their own.

  The focus of the movement was to remember those who lost their lives during the school shooting that took place on Feb. 14. The group decided to not focus on gun control, but rather spreading positivity and taking the necessary steps to prevent an incident like this from happening again.

  “I want people to know that what we are doing is not about guns, it is about doing what we can to keep students safe,” said junior Eve Vicary. “The school is home to many, and we need to make sure that students feel safe in the places they go everyday.”

  Instead of participating in the traditional walkout, the school took a different tactic and instead invited peers to bow their head in the hallways and have a moment of silence for those who lost their lives. While the hallways were lined with students, the names of the 17 victims were announced over the speakers.

  “Hearing the names listed off throughout the school was extremely emotional,” said senior Kaylee Stokely. “It really showed how crazy the situation is, and put into perspective that we need to do something, because we cannot let an event like this ever happen again.”

 The main goal for the group is to show kindness, and spread the word on the compromise that must happen.  Students and staff wore shirts that read “It’s about people. Not politics.” to clarify that they were not participating in the same walk out to fight for more gun control.

  The group that put the moment of silence together was later interviewed by WLNS and The Jackson Citizen Patriot.

  “I’m super proud of myself and the other students that put this together,” said senior Meredith Berry. “I hope that us being on television will spark conversation and initiate change.”

  For anyone interested in participating, the group will be having an open meeting on Mar. 20 after school in the choir room.