Finding the flowers: Gaining maturity by learning from parents


Audri Chenoweth, Web Editor-in-Chief

Growing up as an only child, my parents became my best friends at a very young age.

They have taught me everything I know, from learning to eat and brush my hair to being independent and standing up for myself.

Though I have not needed to use it quite yet, my parents have helped me discover my independence. Being able to drive was the first step in this process.

My parents allow me to make my own decisions in order for me to learn from my mistakes. In other words, if I want to go to Denny’s at three in the morning and I have work the next morning, it is my call knowing I cannot miss work.

I feel as though making my own decisions and learning from them has definitely started preparing me for next year recognizing all choices are going to be up to me.

As an elementary schooler, I was bullied and my parents quickly taught me how to stand up for myself. I learned that defending myself is not rude; it is just not allowing people to pick on me.

Being a young student, standing up to the girl who would call me names and put my instrument high into a tree is easier said than done.

By the time I was in high school, standing up for myself became easier, though I still found myself in situations where I felt small, but I knew how to handle them because of my parents.

They have never been people to hide things from me including financial struggles, this I am so thankful for. My parents want to protect me, but make sure to prepare me for life beyond the walls of our house.

I understand everything that is happening in our house and as my parents often tell me to do, I will use their mistakes as a learning tool and not repeat them.

I appreciate all that my parents have given up for me along the way of growing up and all that they have taught me turning me into the almost adult I am. Considering all that I have learned from my parents, I am confident that I will be okay on my own.