Bright Walls Mural Festival is coming to Jackson


Mackenzie Moore, Web Journalist

   The Bright Walls mural festival is coming downtown! This event will bring thirteen artists from all over the nation to Jackson, Michigan to paint beautiful murals on buildings in the area. The festival is a week long activity that is set to start Oct. 4 and end Oct. 9. Many people within the community are excited to have these artists in our city.

  Guidance Secretary Kim Britton just so happens to have a son Jeremiah Britton, who is an artist, and will be participating in the festival while also helping to plan the event. Jeremiah and his fellow partners have been putting out the word for the festivities ever since Bright Walls has been planning to come to Jackson.

  “They have been putting up posters, yard signs, and Facebook ads,” said Kim. “There will also be other things going on while they’re painting, things like music, and food trucks will be available.”

  Yearbook and broadcasting teacher Ms. Marnie Hade is an active participate in not only the Northwest community but the Jackson community as well. She has only good things to say of the festival, and showed her excitement for it as well.

  “They are adding new artists all the time, when they first started there were six, and now there are thirteen,” said Hade. “I think it’s really exciting for the community.”

   This festival will be the first Bright Walls event Jackson has ever hosted. There are many special events for every day of the week. The Bright Walls of Jackson website has information on all the participating artists and about all the specific events going on.

  “Bright Walls is a celebration of public art and creativity featuring a week of live murals, and music,” said publishers of the website.

  To find out more, or get involved visit the Bright Walls of Jackson website. This event is being carried out to bring a fun, bright new look to the community, while having activities to keep everyone entertained as well.