Seniors win powder-puff championship


Mrs. Marnie Hade

Senior Olivia Piepkow runs the ball to the end zone, scoring one of her many touchdowns during the powder-puff championship game. The senior class prevailed by defeating the juniors.

Anthony Cole, Sports Editor

  Every year a powder-puff football event is held between the classes of ninth through twelfth grade. Powder-puff football is similar to and mimics the style of play used in flag football except for it is an all girl event, excluding the coaches.

  This year, the games consisted of the freshman facing off against the juniors and the sophomores against the seniors. Classes were allowed to practice leading up to the event, and some took advantage of that opportunity. However, come game day teams were very eager and prepared to play.

  “I wanted to win pretty badly,” said junior Morgan Hanchett. “ I wanted to prove that the seniors weren’t the only competitive ones.”

  Teams were heading into the event with the goal of to have fun. As the games began, girls grew more and more intense.

  “I especially wanted to beat the seniors,” said sophomore Mallory Anspaugh. “They were acting like it was tackle.”

  After the first round of play, the sophomores had lost to the seniors and the freshman lost to the juniors. All grades fought hard, but with the bracket style play, only two could advance to the championship game.

  Coaches also showed their competitive side, and as it came down to the final game, they started to become more fired up. Before the last game, teams were given a 10 minute period to rest and strategize.

   “I was into it! I would get pumped when we would score,” said senior coach Zach Sommers. “I would even yell at the refs about the calls they made.”

  Senior and coach Ryan Novak was very strategic and smart with his play calling for the girls. He utilized an iPad as a visual to show and identify the routes for the girls which proved to be a great visual aid.

   On the other sideline were the junior coaches Anthony Cole, Bayler Keirns, Kenny Nastally, and Jacob Cook. They were less organized and had a more impromptu approach by making adjustments as the game went on.

  The first half of the championship was back and forth with no particular team pulling away from another. After a brief halftime, the senior class made adjustments and dominated the second half. Seniors were led offensively by Olivia Piepkow who scored several touchdowns throughout the day.

  Seniors ultimately beat the junior class to win the whole event and bragging rights as the superior class. Though the other competitors did not win, they were still very happy they participated in the event.

  “I was really glad I decided to play,” said Anspaugh. “I had the chance to bond with people that I do not usually hang out with outside of school.”

  As a whole, the powder-puff event proved to be a success. The community came together and cheered on the students competing that day. Many of the athletes hope to return next year for a new shot at the title