Former student returns as officer to serve and protect


Olivia Wells, Web Journalist

    When Mr. Justin Davis first attended Northwest High School as a student, he never imagined someday returning as a police officer to patrol hallways and keep students safe.  Yet, at 36, he is living in Jackson, Michigan with his wife and five children, and he is loving his new job.  He appreciates all the positives that come with working in schools.  

  Davis grew up in Michigan, and he first learned he wanted to be a police officer in eleventh grade.

  “When I was a student here, I had struggles of my own… There was a handful of people that I could’ve reached out to, but I needed more,” said Davis. “That’s really a big reason why I became an policeman, to help people with their struggles, just like mine.”

  Davis really loves his job; however, it does have its stressful days. In his previous assignment, he worked the streets for nine years before he transferred to the schools in February of last year. The streets took a big toll on him, but he has really enjoyed his new placement at the schools.

  “I immediately noticed the change,” said Davis. “This is more of a positive environment compared to being on the street where you’re surrounded by negativity all day long.”

  Davis bounces around schools in Jackson and enjoys working with the students and staff. Walking through the hallways he is welcomed with open arms and smiles. He enjoys being greeted almost everyday by a variety of students.

  Even though he has transferred to this positive environment, he still has his stressful and overwhelming days. When these days happen, Davis simply walks away, if possible, and clears his head.

  Davis is happy with how he is living, stress and all, and he enjoys coming home to his big, loving family. Each day, he is determined to do even better because he wants to help make a difference in the community. 

  “I always want to do better. I can always do better,” said Davis. “We all should strive to do better.”