Club explores Hispanic culture through dance, music, food


Malena Gurnee

Juniors France Plaza and Jaiden Alcock playing a game in Spanish.

Olivia Wells, Web Journalist

  The Spanish Club is dedicated to students who want to learn more about different Hispanic culture, foods, and individuals. They meet after school every other Tuesday during the school year.

  The group learns about the history of many different Hispanic countries, and focus on many prominent figures in Latin America, both past and present.

 The director of this program is Spanish teacher Mrs. Rebecca Moulton. For the past 25 years she has been supporting this group.

   “This gives me a chance to get to know my students more than just in a classroom,” said Mrs. Moulton. “It generally has a more casual atmosphere.”

  This club is a student driven organization. For the first few days, students will discuss areas if interest and decide on what to do with their time. It is also an open membership, so students will be able to join whenever they have time.

  “It is a great way to use your Spanish outside of the classroom,”said Mrs. Moulton. “Also, it’s a great way for students to get to know others in different grade levels.”   

  Activities often include arts and crafts, participating in board games, dance lessons, watching movies, and going to Mexican restaurants. They also make and eat many different Hispanic foods.

  Senior Kamaljit Kaur has been participating in Spanish Club for three years. Kaur joined because she is fascinated with learning about different cultures.

  “I come from a very strict Indian family. I have learned about Indian culture since I was a kid,” said Kaur. “It is very interesting for me to learn about different cultures, other than the ones that I already know a lot about.”

  Having an introverted and shy personality, Kaur enjoys this variety of people. She appreciates the feeling of equality and love in the program.

  “I’m really going to miss it,” said Kaur. “But, I will forever remember the great memories and knowledge I have gained from it.”