Know the rules to buying gifts


Mackenzie Moore, Web Journalist

  When buying gifts there are several “Do’s” and just as many “Don’ts” hopefully, this chart can help you when buying your gifts this season.


Gift Do’s Gift Don’ts
Be creative! Don’t stress!
Be personal Don’t give a used gift.
If given a gift you don’t necessarily love, try not to act disappointed. Don’t re-gift something you were given.
Pick up any hint the person you are giving to may drop about what they want or need. Don’t procrastinate when buying.
Use ‘cute’ or special wrapping paper Don’t give a gift if the reason is because you wanted it.
Be practical, you should know enough about the person you’re shopping for to know what they like and dislike. Don’t buy clothes unless you know the person wants them and you are positive of their size. You don’t want to offend someone or get them clothes that don’t fit.