Career exploration at Northwest


Henly Sleight

Junior Makayla Spicer fills out an application to Kalvons at Find your Future Fair.

Anthony Cole, Web Journalist

  The Find Your Future Fair (FYFF) is an event that gives students the opportunity to gain knowledge about certain careers. Adults who are in several different job pathways will come in and speak about their work. They will talk about what they do on a daily basis and how they got to where they are today. Students will have the chance to ask questions about the individual career.

  Junior Victoria Fex is a student who found the FYFF to be very useful.

  “Just to open people up to new career paths,” said junior Victoria Fex. “ And possibilities they had not considered before.”

  The event is used to help broaden the perspective of students in what careers are out there. Students will gain knowledge about what goes on in that certain career. Career pathways include the following: Arts and Communications, Business and Management / Marketing and Technology, Engineering / Manufacturing and Industrial Technology, Health Sciences, Human Services, and Natural Resources and Agriscience.

  “I hope to learn about the pay, tasks, and benefits,” said junior Kamrin Noon.

  Successful in the first three or four years of holding the event, students are eager for it to return yet again. More and more speakers are coming in every single year. For example Matt Rubert for Engineering/Manufacturing and Eric White for Human Services.

  “I want to hear their honest opinions about their job,” said Fex. “And who they think will fit it best.”

  Students are encouraged to go out of their comfort zones and explore careers that possibly they had not thought about prior. Also, this year there are more skilled trade options coming in, as college is not for everyone.

  As far as the event itself, students should have signed up last Tuesday in Seminar for their sessions. All juniors and seniors will attend the job fair sponsored by Southeast Michigan Works in the gym for chances at internships, externships and jobs; students are advised to bring resumes with them.