Brian Lewis plays number one singles second consecutive year

Being number one singles for two years in a row may be a lot of pressure for some, but for senior Brian Lewis, it is not a problem.

Playing at this position generally means the individual shows the highest level of skill on the team. As well, they have the confidence and endurance to compete against some of the best individuals in their league.

“It is hard and very challenging, but it is not a lot of pressure, to me,” said Lewis.

Usually, this athlete has to compete against their own teammate to decide who plays this spot.

“Brian was constantly competing against opponents who have played year ’round, have been playing longer,” said, Tennis Coach, Mr. Blodgett.

Although Lewis was facing people who may have more experience, he made sure to keep a positive attitude about every move he made.

“Win or lose he knew he tried his best; when the match was done, no lingering, no moping about what could have been,” said Blodgett.

Lewis has been faced against very advanced competitors this season. Although he has not won as many matches as hoped, he has completed well and kept a positive attitude with a determined mindset.

“I am learning that you do not have to win to be successful,” said Lewis,” I am proud of my attitude on the court, I keep my composure, and I don’t get angry.”

Lewis has been playing for six years, and has worked hard along the way to become number one. He has been perfecting his forehand, backhand, and serve.

“He worked hard in every practice and in every match,” said Blodgett, “Brian would get frustrated at times on the court – not because of the score or his opponents skills, but because he did not execute a shot the way he knew he should or could. ”

But Lewis was more than number one, he is a leader. He helped during practices, little prep talks before matches, and brought the team together.

“He took care of warm ups and brought the team together at the end of the practices and before matches. When asked, he would  help others with drills,” said Blodgett, “he took the position seriously.”

Although Lewis may not have had the season he would have wanted, he was always sure to keep a positive attitude to just keep moving forward.


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