Student Spotlight: Freshman Joshua Shimmons


Malena Gurnee, Web Journalist

What is the biggest difference between middle school and high school that you have noticed?

The teachers are more lenient at the high school.

What is your favorite part about high school so far?

My favorite part is that there are only five hours.

Do you play any sports?

Yes, I play soccer and have enjoyed it thus far.

Do you plan on continuing to play soccer throughout the rest of high school?

I do plan on continuing playing.

What instruments do you play?

The only instrument I play is the piano.

How long have you been playing?

I have played the piano for five years so far.

How were you introduced to this instrument?

I was introduced to piano by my friend another student, Landon Rambadt.

Do you enjoy playing the piano? Why?

Yes, because music is calming to me.

How has the year been going for you over all?

So far the year has gone very well.

Have you been enjoying high school so far?

I’ve been loving high school a lot.

What is something you miss about middle school?

I most definitely miss the teachers.

What advice would you give to next year’s freshman?

Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you think it is.