Students help raise money for Educando Vidas (Educating Lives)


Anthony Cole, Web Journalist

   Recently, there was a guest speaker from Guatemala talking to Spanish teacher Mrs. Rebecca Moulton’s 3-5 hours. The speaker, Sra. Garcia, works with a group called Educando Vidas (Educating Lives) and was sharing information about her country. They raise money to help children attend public school in Guatemala, and it allows them to purchase school supplies, books, uniforms, etc.

    Sra. Garcia also brought items made by Mayan women. These weavers and jewelry makers are members of a cooperative program of the very poor. Anyone may purchase these items, and the money goes directly to the women. Items include purses, scarves, beaded and woven bracelets and other jewelry, small animals of woven fabric, scarves, hacky sacks, children’s backpacks, and other items. Mrs. Moulton is welcoming everyone to next year’s visit.