Adopt A Family organizer continues to support families


Jordan Thomas

Teacher and event organizer Ms. Marnie Hade sorts through bags for Adopt a Family program.

Alisha Musgrove, News Editor

Many people in the Northwest community know about Adopt A Family and how much the program helps out families in need, but not everyone knows its organizer, Ms. Marnie Hade. A version of this event existed within Student Government before Hade started working as a teacher twenty three years ago, but now it has grown into a large support program for struggling people.

“It seems to grow every year,” said Hade “It’s always a bit of a beautiful surprise.”

In 2002, Hade began advising student government. At the same time she started placing giving trees all throughout the community to help out Adopt A Family. These trees are placed in all five school buildings of the Northwest district, as well as other companies such as Hankerd Hills, the Lost Shoe, Klavon’s and The First Church of the Nazarene.

Hade is in charge of keeping the whole event in order and making sure communication runs smoothly. She organizes all the donations that come in and keeps the volunteers in order.

Anyone can volunteer in a number of ways, including; making and writing ornaments, sorting presents, wrapping, and shopping for items. Adopt A Family makes giving back to the community easier than ever.

“Everyone can help. Time, money, talents, everything will make a difference.” said Hade.

Before Hade took over, her high school student government adviser taught her about all the good she could accomplish. Though she had never imagined Adopt A Family becoming such a huge success, every year, more and more people come to help out.

The effect of Adopt A Family on the community in need is huge. Not everyone knows how many families need a little extra help.

“Last year we helped 47 families, representing more than 140 children in the school district alone,” said Hade.

For now, Hade is taking her career one year at a time but plans on continuing Adopt A Family for as long as she is here. Her legacy will rightfully pass down to the next person who is willing to take over this huge responsibility, but thankfully for the families of Northwest, Hade is not planning on leaving anytime soon.