Ant’s Rants: Be a real fan for the right reasons


Anthony Cole, Sports Editor

  For those who do not know, I am a member of the boys varsity basketball team. This is now my third year on varsity, and I have heard it all. “Why go to the game when they will just lose.”  “ They aren’t good at all. They’re trash!” “We are just going to get blown out.” “They don’t play as a team.” These are truly frustrating comments to hear. 

  The question we need to ask ourselves is, “Are we, as a community and school, real fans? Not simply a bandwagon fan that comes around only when teams are winning. A “real fan” comes to the games regardless of the team record. Sure, they want to win, but they don’t talk crap about the students out there representing them.

  What these negative people do not see is the endless, unseen hours of hard work put in by every dedicated athlete. For example, the current  boys’ basketball team is showing determination to turn the program around. The team has set very high standards in an attempt to improve the culture. We will sweat. We will fight. We will even bleed sometimes. In other words, we strive to earn it.

But, will the fans respect this struggle and support us even when we don’t win? 

   I think that it is absolutely pathetic to sit and criticize a team that represents their school and community. That same negative person probably goes home to their computer games and eats potato chips all day. What right have they earned to criticize a group of hard working individuals. It is easy to complain and criticize when there is no risk involved on their end. Those students, who have never stepped on the court, do not understand.

  This concept of being a supportive peer and community member can apply to activities and sports other than basketball. Take theater for example, although not a competitive sport, we should respect the multiple hours the actors put into making a great musical or play.

   Personally, I am a supporter of the girls’ volleyball program. Granted they did have some success this year, but that is besides the point, as I was a supporter for the right reasons. They represent my school, and because some of the players were friends of mine, I wanted to support them, win or lose.

   Ultimately, I am sending out a plea of support for boys basketball. As we work just as hard as anyone. We do not have much to show for it yet, but I can guarantee we will strive to earn it.

This season we have set high team goals and are determined to achieve them. We have a ton of potential and the sky is the limit. Senior Lucas Herrera said it best, “ Make a statement.” As a group we want to make a statement to the school and community that we are a good team. If support and respect will not be given, we will still strive to earn it.