Stop complaining! Homework gives students positive skills


Jordan Thomas

Sophomore Anna Sayers works on a biology worksheet in Mrs Rebecca Kelly’s classroom.

Olivia Wells, Web Journalist

  Homework is not something that teachers assign to get on your nerves, nor do they hand it out to waste your time. It is actually very beneficial not only to students, but to teachers as well. So, stop whining about it!

  Mr. Brian Klinger, calculus teacher, assigns homework for every section he covers. He realizes that it will improve his students’ work ethic and test scores.

  “I have always been a believer of assigning homework, or practice problems,” said Klinger. “They are crucial during teaching in my classroom and have always helped me help my students.”

  These assignments will increase the chances for a student to pass the class. The more practice a scholar has at home, the possibility of passing tests and classes raise significantly.

  Junior Luke Watson has appreciated homework throughout his years. He believes that the assignments increased his ability to problem solve, making him a better learner.

  In addition, homework can help strengthen scholars studying habits and time-management skills. Also, it helps with organization and memory skills by having to take the assignments home, study, and then keep track of them for the next day.

  Furthermore, homework also allows a closer bond to form between students and their teachers. They can discuss the problems and find ways to figure out the problem together.

  Senior Kaleb Zenz admits that it is the main reason he succeeds in most of his classes. These practices result in him understanding, and ultimately passing the subject he is learning.

  “These assignments are the main reason that I pass math, a subject I have been very bad at my whole life.” said Zenz. “They allow me to practice and study what I am learning.”

   So, stop complaining about having homework and embrace it. It is very beneficial! It is simply another life lesson. So, the next time you receive homework, do not get upset. Instead, remember to think about the multiple upsides.