New early release Wednesday schedule

New early release Wednesday schedule

Katlin Lindsay, Journalist

This year a few changes has have been made to our school schedule. We have an early release every Wednesday.

Prior to this school year, students were released from school every other Friday at twelve o’clock, which only caused families to adjust their schedules twice a month.  Now, some families have had to readjust their schedule to fit the change.

“Since early release has been changed to weekly, parents have to adjust their schedule,” said parent Tammie Roth.

Though students get to leave an hour early from school, the staff stays after for the extra hour to discuss topics that have come up around the school such as curriculum.

“I feel that an hour sometimes is not enough time for our staff to address issues that we need to discuss,” said English teacher Chad Hammond.

Though there are negative points to the new schedule, there are also positive ones.  With the early release being only an hour long, students can get their work done in a timely manner. Before when we got out two hours early, students were rushed since classes were only around 45 minutes.

“Friday early releases really felt rushed and I often felt like I couldn’t get anything done,” said choir director Matthew Snell.  “With the new schedule I still feel like the students get a break even though I am able to still have a class period.”

As the school year goes on it will be easier to adjust to the new schedules and to see all the benefits it brings.