Survey reveals most people see college as optional for success


Mackenzie Moore, Web Journalist

  Most students have some idea of what they plan to do in the future. If they do not? That is okay, but many students know whether or not they plan to go to college. Others have simply decided going to a college is not for them. What is the best decision? 

   In a recent survey, this question was addressed. “Is college necessary to be successful? Why or why not?” Out of the 170 students surveyed 119 (70 percent) said they believed going to college was not necessary to have a successful job or future. However, 49 students felt college learning was necessary for a bright future. Two individuals had no opinion. 

Many of the answers to the “Why or Why not?” section of the survey varied as well. Most seemed to view college as important for earning higher levels of money, but not necessary to succeed in life.  

  “My dad is an entrepreneur and he didn’t need to further his education to become successful, or be able to take care of himself and his family with extra money to spare,” said one student response.

  While many students plan to go into the military, trade school, writing career, or other jobs that do not require a degree, to them, college seems like a waste of time. But to others, it is a big deal that is taken very seriously by them and their families.

  “Yes, I believe going to college is necessary to be successful,” said freshman Hannah Smith. “You also have a better likelihood of having high paying jobs.”

  Although, money does not make happiness, it is what keeps the world turning. Most students take this factor of wages and salaries into deep consideration when deciding what they want to do after high school.

  There is also a low percentage of those surveyed who had an opinion that leaned either way. These people believe that a college or university is not for everyone. These things are dependent on the person’s individual skills and goals, and those are things these people believe need to be taken into consideration.

  “In today’s society, I believe that the question of whether going to a college is necessary to make you successful should vary by student and their needs,” said STEM teacher Chad Hammond. “Some students are not cut out for the college setting.”

  Whether a student plans on going to a community college, a big university, a trade school, or just not continuing their education, the majority believe that education after high school is not necessary.