Students take learning to the virtual world


Nicole Mata

Senior Joe Isham works on his E2020 class in Mrs. Randi Watts classroom.

Olivia Wells, Web Journalist

  Online classes have been provided to students of Northwest High School since late 2009. Students are eligible to choose either one or two subjects per trimester. All subjects are available to choose from, leaving many opportunities to get credits virtually.

  Taking classes online is becoming more popular. Northwest offers two programs, E2020 and Dual Enrollment.  

Dual Enrollment is a program through Jackson College. The professors email their students through JetNet where they will upload blogs, respond to other students, post work, and do assignments.

  E2020 is a course in which someone can make up credits or take a class that normally would not fit in their schedule. The program also offers classes over the summer.

  Twelfth grade counselor Mrs. Karyn Blume thinks that online classes are good for students whose schedules are packed. It provides flexibility and helps them reach their credits to graduate.

  “However, the quality of the classroom will not be as good,” said Blume. “The class will be without a teacher, taking away the help that a lot of students need in a classroom.”

  While some students perform better without a teacher, others slack off or waste their time. This can cause letter grades to drop due zeros in the grade book.

  Some of the students who perform better will finish the class early. They will have the potential to even take another class if finished early enough.

  A pupil can take a class whenever as long as they have internet. This means that someone can finish a class extra early, and take another class for more credits.

  Personal finance teacher Mrs. Randi Watts is the main supervisor for E2020. She watches over the class making sure the students are supported. A few students have Blume as their E2020 teacher because of lack of space with Watts.

  In these classes, they will turn in a weekly report. These reports include current grade, progress, and expected progress.

  Junior Laney Wells takes E2020 civics during fifth period. She loves it so far, and prefers it over the normal classroom setting because she is an overall independent person.

“The only thing I’m struggling with is keeping up with the due dates at the end of each week,” said Wells. “I often forget about them and it brings my grade down temporarily.”

   If a students wants to take an online course, they will have to be able to work independently with good time management.