Art of inked skin

Art of inked skin

Ryleigh Wright, Web Editor-in-Chief

Ink to skin, it is a way of art, expression, and career choice for people, who enjoy the look of tattoos. Tattoos can be interesting in the way people portray them on their bodies, but the ink is permanent which can be quite intimidating.

Tattoos are a way to express emotions and personality. The art can also be a reminder of who that person is through times of hard ship and better times.

“I got [my tattoo] because it means something to me,” said junior Joey Winkle. “When times are tough I think ‘Only the strong survive’.”

When the ink places underneath the skin hits close to an emotion or memory, it does not take a second thought of whether or not to get it. Where to get the image or quote can be the most difficult part in deciding with the permanent piece.

Society today is consistently changing, but when it comes to professions and tattoo, they do not always mix.

There are opinions of those with the body art that they are “crazy” or “weird”, but that is not always the case.

“There are way worse things that people can do besides tattoo,” said Winkle.

Everyone is different, with the given, there are a lot of different reasons why one would get a tattoo.

“Society really shouldn’t judge others for their tattoos,” said junior Caitlyn Shell. “You never really know their story behind them.”

Society is slowly coming to acceptance of the presence of art filled skin. Tattoos are a way to resemble a moment, a thought, or a feeling. These may be a permanent way of expression, but it is a way that started many years ago and that is continuing to thrive.