Daredevil show proves entertaining


   Matt Murdock by day and Daredevil by night! Charlie Cox plays the role of the Marvel Comics hero. In the newest season of the show, different struggles of each character are highlighted this along with the captivating plot points keep you on your toes in the best way possible.   

  As a young child Murdock was blinded by radioactive waste. The exposure of the chemicals heightened Murdock’s four remaining senses, making them extremely precise and sensitive. He also developed a radar sense that works a little like echolocation would for a bat.

  Murdock is a lawyer working side by side with his one-time friend, Foggy Nelson played by Elden Henson, and Deborah Ann Woll who plays their secretary who is now a reporter, Karen Page. Once the sun sets he takes the law into his own hands in a completely different way. He uses his abilities to fight against criminals in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen like the Russian mafia and one of the worst criminals, Wilson Grant Fisk.

   Fisk, known as the Kingpin, is the crime overlord in New York City who ends up in prison because of Matt’s work as Daredevil. Fisk now has it out for Daredevil.

 Later on in the series Murdock has near death experience and is presumed dead. As he stays in hiding he is impatient with his recovery struggles between staying in hiding from not only the world but his closest friends as well, or continuing to fight as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

  The way Murdock’s character develops as he makes a choice is very evident. Along the way a Catholic guilt looms over him about all the choices he has made and all the people harmed or killed in the process.

  Other characters as well as Murdock face heavy challenges. Foggy goes beyond law and into politics. While Karen takes a chance with her life as a reporter going deeper into the crime business, trying to expose the truth.

  Most of the season revolves around Fisk and his efforts to get out of prison. He exploits and deceives the law.

  Part of the new season focuses on Rahul Ray Nadeem played by Jay Ali. He is a special Agent for the FBI. He helps pay for his sister-in-law’s cancer treatment and feels pressured to bring home even more money for his own family.

  Nadeem takes on Fisk’s case in an attempt to do that. Nadeem offers Fisk safety for his love in exchange for information on other crime organizations. Working with Fisk becomes extremely dangerous and eventually he unwillingly becomes his pawn.

  Season three ends with plenty of intriguing reasons for there to be a fourth season. But along along with other shows similar to it such as Iron Fist and Luke Cage, Daredevil was cancelled last fall soon after the season three release.

  Matt Murdock actor Charlie Cox isn’t done with his character and has yet to give up on the series, signing a petition for a fourth season to be picked up.