Worldly Pieces by Micaiah Williams


What is the title of your piece?

“Worldly Pieces.”

What’s the story being told, if any?

“It’s supposed to communicate how every one and every thing is different. That’s why I used different colors, shapes, and textures.”

What were the directions you were given for this piece of art?

“We were told to make a piece using the things we had learned in art class and to make it about something that matters to us.”

If you could change this artwork, how would you change it? Why?

“I don’t think I’d change anything, I like everything about it. The imperfections make it what it is.”

What kind of art supplies did you use for this piece? Did you like using them?

“I used paint, paint paper, paint brushes and water. If I wouldn’t have used them it wouldn’t have turned out right. It was pretty fun to make.”