Club looks to promote and celebrate diversity


Malena Gurnee

Hall monitor Mr. Gregory Hardwick holds a sign that represents the Diversity Club.

Malena Gurnee, Web Journalist

 The Diversity Club is making its way to Northwest! The club is a group of both students and staff who want to promote and celebrate diversity within the school.

  The idea of the club is a collaboration between Principal Mr. Scott Buchler, Spanish teacher Mrs. Rebecca Moulton, Civics teacher Mr. Daykon Hiram and hall monitor Mr. Gregory Hardwick, also known as Mr. H. The staff members created the club with the intention to have an active role and be more inclusive in the community.

  “I think once we learn about each other it will bridge the stereotypes and racism they might have.” said Mr. H.

  The goal is to educate people about everyone’s differences and demonstrate how to understand and accept others’ culture and background.

  “We want to do more things to teach everyone about one another. Listen to the kids’ ideas and go in the direction they want to take the club.” said Mr. H.

  The students who have joined the club strongly believe they can make a change.

  “I want to show others we can be kind no matter the color of our skin or our background,” said senior Jadin White.

  One of the main topics they are going to hit in their discussions is white privilege and how it affects everyone. Which is why they encourage people outside of the minority groups to join as well.

  Diversity can vary and with that being said, everyone is different. Whether it is your educational background, race, or beliefs everyone deserves to feel acknowledged and included.

  Even the smallest steps towards understanding others have positive effects. Having the Diversity Club will surely have a big impact on the school.