Administration will not tolerate drugs on school campus

Mackenzie Moore, Web Journalist

  The drug crisis in America is spreading rapidly. It has continued to grow not only in Jackson, but in its schools as well. The effects of drugs and other illegal substances on students are not unknown, and school administrators will not tolerate it. Yet, students still go out of their way to reach that high and try to bring drugs to school.

  Northwest High School counselor, Mrs. Megan Lige has had her fair share of experience with students taking drugs. She has a goal to help any student in need, whether they are struggling with drug abuse, or some other issue, her door is always open.

  “I think kids have rationalized some drugs over others, like, I’ll do this but I’d never do that,” said Lige. “In the end, they both are going to affect you negatively.”

  Officer Justin Davis has his own thoughts on drug abuse. He believes students are seeking some sort of thrill when they bring illegal substances on campus. Not only that, but it is the easiest way to distribute things.

  “I do not believe students see that what they do today could challenge their future.” said Davis. “Buckle down and be a student. Learn and have fun. They have their whole lives to be an adult.”

  Davis also spoke of the repercussions of said actions. A minor in possession of marijuana off campus is a civil infraction with fines and drug education classes. A minor in possession on campus is a misdemeanor with the potential of fines, probation, drug education classes, and possible jail time.

   Drugs in or out of schools have been an ever growing problem. With the help of the administration and other resources our school provides, anyone suffering from a drug problem always has someone to turn to for help.

 Principal Amanda Anspaugh has also voiced her opinion on the matter. Having seen many changes over the years, her and other administrators have noticed the increase in ‘edibles’ which are foods containing marijuana.

  “We’ve seen an increase in anything laced in THC oil, edibles, things like that.” said Anspaugh, “Consequences have remained the consistent, even through all of the new PBIS expectations, because for me these are seen as non-negotiable.”

  Anspaugh and her colleagues do everything in their power to keep the students safe and help them grow and mature to become successful young adults. However, they will not allow the poor choices of some to endanger other students, which is why any drug situation will be met with severe consequences. 

  Drug use is still a problem we struggle to take care of, but school administration will put their best efforts into keeping the environment a clean and safe place for everyone who attends.