Valid worries of global warming in Michigan

Olivia Wells, Web Journalist

  The earth is warming up and researchers are reporting that 2019 will be the hottest year ever. With billions of glaciers melting away and sea temperatures rising, many species are suffering, including ours (Michigan).

  This severe heat will cause many problems such as heat waves, wildfires, droughts, flooding, and violent storms. So what does this mean for Michigan?

  According to, the region most affected is the Lower Peninsula.

  Just the Lower Peninsula alone has experienced a 2.16 degree Fahrenheit increase since 1988. This warming is putting Michigan on the edge of violating the Clean Air Act, which is a United States federal law due to extreme ozone action days.

  These ozone temperatures are caused by a major rise in pollution. It is expected that these ozone concentrations will kill off 220 to 500 mid westerners each year as early as 2040.

  This happens to be the least of worries as the coldest great lake, Lake Superior, is warming up. On average, it is rising two degrees Fahrenheit every decade making it to be one of the fastest warming lakes in the world.

  There could also be an increase in bacteria levels for Lake Michigan,  which is also warming. Possibly resulting in a frequent closing of the lakes and contaminated drinking water. Cold water fish will also suffer due to the warmer water of lakes Michigan and Superior.

  Due to winters beginning to warm up black-legged ticks, the ones that carry Lyme disease, will be at an advantage. This kind of tick is only killed off by the severe winter cold that usually occurs in said state, meaning it will soon be less likely to die because of the increase in temperatures.

  As reported by, there were many reports in 2018 of catastrophic flooding in Houghton County in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. These rainstorms are going to get much worse as a result of climate change.

  The flooding and rain is reported to only get worse; especially in the hot summer time. This can lead to loss of homeland and even death.

  Severe drought and flooding could also disrupt the global food supply. Also possibly displacing millions of people living in low lying areas.

As stated in, there was a new diagnosis called Katrina Brain after hurricane Katrina.

  This is an example of rising temperatures having a possible effect on mental health. Traumatic events, such as hurricane Katrina, can affect the brain. So when there are heat waves, floods, droughts, and huge storms, this can lead to something like the ‘Katrina brain’.

  Global warming is going to cause serious worsened health, loss of life, and major economic impacts. However, this can all be avoided if people decrease the use of greenhouse gasses, the main cause of the warming. Action needs to be taken, no excuses. The world is dying because of the human race.